Here are 5 fitness hacks or tips you can use on your day to day!
I teamed up with Playtex and we came up with this idea, so I hope you guys like it!
ALSO get ready for a LOT MORE fitness friday’s coming. I have a bunch in the works right now, and all stuff I’m really excited to show you guys about veganism, losing weight, yoga, etc.
You guys requested so much on these topics so they’re coming your way.

This Is An Adventure – The Lighthouse And The Whaler

Won’t Let This Moment Pass Us By – Benji Jackson


IF YOU ARE READING THIS: comment below your fitness hack or must have!
Mine is having a good thick hair tie and loud music!

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Thanks so much for watching! This was a super requested video for the summer so I was really pumped to film it. Also, thank you to Playtex Sport for partnering with me and adding some new goodies to my morning routine. I’ve been using Playtex Sport for years, and as always, all opinions about the products are my own! I would never, ever share something with you guys I didn’t enjoy or use myself — my promise!