Hey everyone! Today’s video as promised is on the best petite clothing stores. In this video I talk about the best stores for petite jeans, petite dresses, overall stylish petite clothing for women!

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Cutting jeans video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGNUlyyV6X4&t=15s

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My usual sizes:
Top: size 6 UK
Bottom: size 6 UK

Affiliate links used below. Everything purchased myself. Not sponsored.


ASOS Petite: https://bit.ly/3jrcSPW
US link: https://bit.ly/3jl7MVA

Boohoo Petite: https://bit.ly/3y6DVnM
US link: https://bit.ly/2T9jwzT

Missguided Petite: https://bit.ly/3haEhTu
US link: https://bit.ly/3hlVj1n

River Island Petite: https://bit.ly/3y4s75t
US link: https://bit.ly/3y6ybdW

Topshop Petite: https://bit.ly/3y4XwoC
US link: https://bit.ly/3AdkfQW

Miss Selfridge Petite: https://bit.ly/3jq5MLR
US link: https://bit.ly/3hxUtPd

Vera Moda Petite: https://bit.ly/3y314aO
US link: https://bit.ly/3A9tMsu

New Look Petite: https://bit.ly/3jqf7TN

Chi Chi London Petite: https://bit.ly/3dsJqpb
US link: https://bit.ly/3jrbCwc

John Zack Petite: https://bit.ly/3AaE1gg
US link: https://bit.ly/3xWL0HE

Little Mistress Petite: https://bit.ly/3jmu5KB
US link: https://bit.ly/3jmu5KB

Lululemon Leggings (21″ leg length): https://bit.ly/3AcayCj
US link: https://bit.ly/3y2Zohw

Avo Activewear: https://bit.ly/3Akb2GX