The Bachelor has aired its fair share of goof-ups, but plenty were saved for the blooper reel. Whether it’s falling equipment, a case of mistaken identity, rude pedestrians, or an incredibly judgmental monkey, The Bachelor has seen it all. Here are some of our all-time fave Bachelor bloopers.

It’s no secret that Colton Underwood is a total dog person. He has two rather Insta-famous pups of his own, Sniper, a black lab who fans saw join in on Underwood’s Denver date with Tayshia Adams, and Thor, a German Shepherd that was rescued from the Korean dog meat trade. And though he’s no longer the Bachelor, the reality star continues to make headlines for helping rescue pups. The dude loves dogs, which is why it should come as no surprise that some of his most memorable bloopers are canine-centric.

In one clip from Season 23’s blooper reel, Underwood is distracted from an interview by a stray pup who wanders into frame. The Bachelor breaks into a grin the moment he sees the dog, and as he crouches down, the pup immediately starts licking his face.

In another clip, Underwood gets a little too close to contestant Catherine Argo’s dog, Lucy. Keep watching to see the Bloopers That Make Us Love The Bachelor Franchise Even More!

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The pup-loving Bachelor | 0:19
Hannah Beast the bug slayer | 1:18
Stinky ladies don’t hold back | 2:28
The struggle to open up | 3:23
Why are there panties on the table? | 4:06
Food fight | 4:50
This monkey doesn’t approve | 5:49
The most awkward Bachelor blooper | 6:43
Bad sense of humor | 7:51
The handsy blooper | 8:51
Sitting in chocolate | 9:48
Why contestants aren’t supposed to eat | 10:53

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