spring clean with me during quarantine ❤
a little inspiration stay inside and clean your space both physically and mentally while we continue to do our part to help stop the spread of covid19 ✨
I know for some staying inside may seem dreadful, but we can make it a cozy and inspirational time. My heart goes out to all of those who are out there working back to back shifts in hospitals, running around doing deliveries, stocking shelves at grocery stores and working endlessly to discover all that we can about this virus and how we can slow it down and, eventually, stop it.
If all that we can do to help in the meantime is stay inside, stay healthy and stay light, then that’s exactly what we’ll do.
I’ll be posting more feel-good content over the next few weeks of things to do inside, long talks we can have over coffee and ways to keep our minds and souls busy (and cozy)!
We will get through it together, one day at a time!

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Vlog Chapters for ya 🧼:
2:40 — picking up Bentley
3:28 — difficulty returning back to normal
4:50 — feeling weird
6:18 — spring cleaning begins
8:46 — fresh air
10:30 — look at your life
12:25 — Bentley getting tucked into bed
13:15 — mindfulness

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TWO spring cleaning playlists //
the acoustic vibes I was listening to –

a spring playlist to lighten your spirits –

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