Elizabeth Olsen is best known for playing the powerful Scarlet Witch in the mega-popular Marvel Cinematic Universe. But there were a lot of things in her life that came before her debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Here’s the stunning transformation of Elizabeth Olsen.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen starred in the sitcom Full House beginning in 1987. This was long before Elizabeth Olsen was born, but the show and her sisters’ subsequent popularity would be a big influence on her childhood. To Elizabeth though, it was a simple life. As she grew up, she visited the sets of her sisters’ on-screen projects very frequently with her brother. She told SFGate:

“When my brother and I would get picked up from school, that was our after-school care. It was really hanging around on set, so every once in a while, they’d ask us, ‘So, do you guys want to be in this one? We’ll put gum in your hair.’ To me, it was never acting. … It was silly and fun.”

While it might still be a fond memory, Olsen has expressed the desire to distance herself from the show and its sequel Fuller House. Keep watching to learn why Elizabeth Olsen’s Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads!


Growing up on TV sets | 0:17
Making her on-screen debut | 1:01
Meet the press | 1:40
Coping with divorce | 2:27
Stepping back from showbiz | 3:17
Re-catching the acting bug | 4:02
Nearly quitting the business | 4:36
Studying in Russia | 5:18
Making a splash at Sundance | 5:55
A star on the rise | 6:47
Joining the MCU | 7:35
An engagement… and a breakup | 8:38
Quiet acts of charity | 9:16
Witchy work on Disney+ | 10:15
Getting engaged | 10:58

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