None of us are immune to eyebrow mishaps, especially as we get older. And just as we change up our skincare and makeup routines throughout our lives, our brows can use an update, as well. Here are the brow mistakes that will launch you way out of your generation.

Most women experience thinning eyebrows as they age, at least, according to a dermatologist for Self, who explained,

“The trauma inflicted on hair follicles during waxing, tweezing, and threading can lead to permanent…damage. Women who grew up in the height of the ’90s overplucked, pencil-thin brow trend have begun to notice the difficulty in growing thicker eyebrows after years of this habit.”

Although those skinny brows may have looked youthful and trendy back then, sparse brows decades later only makes you look older. But thinning brows can also occur during menopause.

An OB-GYN from the University of Colorado told the outlet,

“Abrupt hormone changes can cause sudden hair loss that recovers over about six months’ time.”

Watch this video for more eyebrow mistakes that age you greatly!

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Obsessive plucking | 0:00
Piling on the product | 1:07
Ignoring your arches | 1:51
Going full gray | 2:43
Letting them go wild | 3:40
Not highlighting your assets | 4:26

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