As requested, here are my top tips for getting fit for the SUMMER!
Also, be sure to check out my blog for a printable daily CHECKLIST and little guide to have with you to start your health journey.

Keep in mind, this is about getting and feeling healthy and fit. I don’t want you guys to ever feel discouraged or like you HAVE to be or look a certain way. We are all individuals and we are all made to look and be different. So one form of exercise you may love, someone else may not like, and one body may look one way at it’s healthiest and someone else’s completely different. Love yourself for the way you are, and know that there is no “perfect” or specific attributes that make someone “beautiful”. We are all beautiful you just have to believe it 🙂

New running playlist:

LOVE YOU GUYS more than pineapple.
& thats a latta love.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS: comment below your fav summer snack!
Mine is pineapple, or for the night time, green apples with natural peanut butter..
Now I want some.

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