Here are some easy, fun ways to give your life a little Spring makeover!
I’m someone that’s always believes that change is good. And so it’s important to adapt and try new things and explore more of who we are and what we’re capable of, and most importantly, improving our quality of living so that we can be happier, and share that happiness!
Plus it’s just fun!

Be sure to comment below little ways you are planning on changing up your life for the Spring whether they’re inspired by this video, or just ideas you came up with on your own!
They may inspire someone else to try the same.

I LOVE YOU GUYS to the moon and back.
And I never want you guys to feel as though I am trying to trick you guys with sponsored videos. Yes this video is sponsored, but I teamed together with Venus to make sure we came up with something fun for you guys, not just a video where we shove product down in your face. I really listened to your comments on the Skin Care video and wanted to be sure I could make something fun!
I want to be transparent with you guys, and know that I don’t just see you guys as a “number” or just another “viewer”. I see you all as human beings, people, and would never share anything I don’t actually use myself!
So if you guys ever have any questions about sponsorships, feel free to ask!

so ya, LOVE YOU!

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Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by Venus. All opinions are my own. I wouldn’t share something with you guys that I didn’t enjoy or use myself, my promise!