Dr. Terry Dubrow is best-known for fixing bad plastic surgeries, alongside Dr. Paul Nassif, on the hit show Botched. But aside from his reality TV work, Dr. Dubrow is world renowned, working extensively in Newport Beach, California, where you can actually get on the waitlist for the famous doctor. Here’s how much this surgeon to the stars is really worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dubrow first started making waves while he was a resident at the UCLA School of Medicine, subsequently becoming chief resident of general and plastic surgery. He later started his own practice, and was eventually asked to star in a reality TV show, The Swan. The show’s popularity saw Dubrow’s wait list skyrocket, and his growing fame has only amplified the trend.

But aside from The Swan and, of course, Botched, Dubrow has appeared on plenty of other shows discussing the benefits and risks of plastic surgery. He has also published numerous papers in medical journals. And as for his personal life, Terry is married to Heather Dubrow, a fixture in reality TV until she devastated fans by leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County. Dubrow featured in that show with his wife, which gave him even more notoriety, and led to the creation of Botched in 2014. Keep watching to learn How Much Botched’s Terry Dubrow Is Actually Worth!

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