In August 2020, Kamala Harris was announced as Joe Biden’s vice-presidential running mate in the election. The announcement instantly pulled Harris further into the spotlight as it signified a historic first for the country. Here’s the stunning transformation of Kamala Harris.

Harris was born in 1964 in California to immigrant parents, according to the Los Angeles Times. Her mother was a scientist from India and her father was an economics professor originally from Jamaica. The two met while studying at Berkeley, where they both took part in the civil rights movement.

As Berkeleyside explained, Harris and her sister Maya grew up in a segregated Berkeley due to racist housing policies, otherwise known as redlining. One Berkeley historian described the community as:

“An integrated community with families of various races, both middle class and poorer residents.”

However, Harris’ parents ensured that she was raised in a “counter-culture environment” that embraced diversity. For instance, she and her sister were exposed to the civil rights movement from an early age, which, Harris believes, helped her to become the politician she is today. Keep watching to learn how Kamala Harris Has Gone Through Quite The Transformation!


Raised by immigrants | 0:00
Father’s culture | 1:04
Sense of self | 1:49
Transformative teacher | 2:39
Children’s book | 3:26
HBCU schooling | 4:02
Studying law | 4:55
Embracing Indian heritage | 5:35
Getting hitched | 6:14
“Momala” | 6:54
District attorney, attorney general | 7:40
Becoming a senator | 8:36
Presidential run | 9:20
No comparing | 10:21

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