Leave it to new mom and international superstar Katy Perry to be awesomely honest about the reality of life postpartum. The singer just welcomed a baby girl named Daisy Dove this past week with her fiancĂ©, actor Orlando Bloom. The couple shared on UNICEF’s Instagram page upon little Daisy’s birth:

“We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter.”

The singer first announced she was expecting at the end of her music video for “Never Worn White.” And now, Perry’s baby girl is here, the star also released her album, Smile, the same week she and Bloom met their daughter! And then, just days later, the star oh-so bravely bared her body, still very swollen tummy and all, in nothing but a pair of mesh maternity underwear and a nursing bra.

In addition to her courage in sharing a selfie, in her bathroom no less, and mere days after giving birth to her first child, we love the Smile singer’s sense of humor even more. Because Perry showed off her look as though she were on the VMAs red carpet, complete with hair and makeup by “exhaustion.” Her facial expression backed up the draining reality of the first few days (heck, weeks and months!) with a newborn.

Of course, it’s no surprise that this is one star who isn’t trying to sugarcoat pregnancy and motherhood. In 2011, while married to Russell Brand, Perry told Ellen DeGeneres how many kids she wanted to have, saying,

“If it doesn’t hurt the first time, I’ll keep popping them out.”

When she finally revealed her pregnancy, and admitted the secret was hard to keep, she also tweeted:

“Omg so glad I don’t have to suck it in anymore. Or carry around a big purse lol.”

Later, Perry shared a quarantine selfie while also showing off her growing bump. At that time, the American Idol judge was characteristically candid about what it was like to be pregnant during a pandemic, complaining to fans on Facebook Live:

Meanwhile, Katy Perry is not the first star to show off her postpartum body so soon after giving birth. Chrissy Teigen famously shared a postpartum selfie after her second child’s birth in 2018. In the viral Instagram shot, the similarly-candid star posed in her hospital-issued mesh underwear, while breastfeeding newborn baby Miles. Commenters were pretty united in their praise for the star mom for revealing what real motherhood consists of right after you have a baby. One fan said:

“Postpartum undies are life!!! Love that you captured this gorgeous photo of what motherhood is like.”

Even Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were largely applauded for going out in public and refusing to hide their baby bumps soon after giving birth. That said, we’re pretty sure seeing the royals posing in mesh postpartum panties is out of the question! No matter, anyone in the public eye who can shed light on what a woman really looks like after she gives birth helps normalize the experience.

As for Katy Perry, it’s the singer’s candid spirit that makes us giddy to see what else she’ll share about her motherhood journey. First, she shared that baby bump, and as What to Expect notes, it is completely normal for that not to go down for weeks or longer after your baby is born. After all, it did take nine months to grow that precious baby space, so it’s hardly going to disappear overnight. Heavy bleeding is also normal, and that is why those oh-so-attractive mesh undies come in handy. You may also be sore, exhausted, and experience sore, even bleeding nipples if you’re breastfeeding. Nope, this part of your life is not glamorous, but it is real, and so we want to say thanks to Katy Perry for keeping it real now and always.

In fact, we are guessing that real tales of breastfeeding and being up all night are not far behind this latest postpartum pic. We’re in, Katy! Never change. Watch the video to learn why Katy Perry’s Postpartum Selfie Has Everyone Talking!

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