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Fans of the Twilight book series had spent years eagerly awaiting the movie adaptations. Even besides getting to see the consummation of Bella and Edward’s love on the big screen, fans were just as excited to see the half-vampire child that resulted from that love. In The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, a young actress by the name of Mackenzie Foy proved to be a perfect fit for the part of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s fictional offspring, Renesmee. Only 11 at the time of her Twilight debut, Foy caught the attention of Hollywood and more roles followed. From playing an innocent half-vampire to starring in a highly-anticipated live-action retelling of a classic ballet, Foy has evolved into a stunning actress whose star is officially on the rise…

Typical tot | 0:46
Early success | 1:10
From supernatural to super-scary | 2:17
Co-star friendships | 3:13
Real best friend | 3:57
TaeKwonDo-n’t mess with her | 4:31
Out of this world | 5:06
Gilmore girl? | 5:55
Twilight reunion | 6:45
The Nutcracker | 7:42

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