How To Listen to Your Intuition and Make The Right Decision
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Hey human,
Heeey! I’m excited to bring you this video!
I learned this first from my sister and it CHANGED my life…I think it could be helpful for you too. How I learned to hone my intuition so I could make the right decision for me and fulfil my hearts desires.

Yessss…20 minute video again…I know, I know. Sorelle what is this?

It’s a concept that needs a little extra explaining. I mean…this is a tool that can be used for life so I’m sure you can dedicate just 20 minutes to learning about your intuition, why it’s awesome, how powerful your intuition is, how to hone it so you’re surely living your life from the heart and from your desires rather than living someone elses dream.

Let me know how you enjoyed this hippy video (I really hope you do! I have plenty more I want to share!) and thank youuuuuuuuu all so very much for 1M subscribers. You’re all awesome.

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Can The Intuition Be Wrong?
1:00 – Innate Body Wisdom
1:15 – The Gift of Fear
1:55 – Our Society Doesn’t Understand Intuition
2:18 – Acknowledge Your Teachers
2:45 – First Time Learning About What YOU Want – Congrats!
3:38 – Start Small
4:00 – Eliminate Panic and Resistance
4:20 – Eliminate Self-Censorship
5:05 – Get Out of the Mind and into the Body
6:55 – Still Yourself
7:20 – Are You Even Breathing Right Bro?
7:45 – Get into an Attitude of Gratitude
10:22 – F*ck Yes or No
14:06 – How I Feel These Feelings
15:18 – Be Aware of Addictions
16:25 – What About In Between?
17:07 – Thank you Squarespace
18:19 – Be Aware of Damaging Patterns
20:00 – Outro

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All my love,
Sorelle Amore