Want to know my running routine?
This video will show you how I wear my hair, what I wear, and what music I like to listen to while running!
And after watching this, hop up off your couch, go put on my playlist and go for a jog/run! If you don’t have that much time, map out 100m or a medium length street/path and do sprints!

And of coarse, get some good tunes to keep you going!
Here’s my playlist!

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this, I’m going to go find something else to occupy my time with now…. any suggestions?
I feel like I waited so long for summer to arrive, and now that it’s here i’m like……… now what?


IF YOU ARE READING THIS: tell me if you prefer cardio or strength training!
As much as I HATE cardio while doing it, I LOVE it afterward cause I get such satisfaction after a good run!

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