My entire YouTube story, from the rise to one million subscribers, to a full circle story about starting over and healing my mental health (which led me here in the first place).
Disclaimer/TW: today’s story includes discussions of depression, anxiety, eating disorders & panic attacks.

mental health resources ❤

story chapters :
00:00 – Welcome to my Youtube Story
02:33 – 2010-2013 | How it all started
08:39 – 2014 | My Life Changes
10:30 – 2015 | A Change of Networks
11:56 – 2016 | One Million Subscribers
15:00 – 2017 | Moved to Toronto
21:18 – 2018 | The Peak
26:43 – 2019 | The Tipping Point
33:26 – 2020 | The World Flips Upside Down
43:28 – 2021 | A New Beginning

A few notes for extra context:
* When it comes to my 2019 relationship, although this was my personal fear based on my platform and his ambitions, I do believe his feelings were genuine and the relationship itself was full of great laughs and fun adventures. I still think he’s one of the most creatively talented people I know.
* When it came to my management through Out of Office, there may not have been focus on networking, outreach or growth/strategy, but when it came to the sponsorships sent, there was a lot of work done coordinating and going back and forth with said brands plus I overall just valued her opinion and perspective in the field and always will. We are both beyond happy to be back to best friends and cheering each other on in all aspects of life!
* When it came to my old editor, though I wish there had been more initiative to inquire on ways to help out more or work on anything else, (my accountant suggested picking up groceries or admin work) I still appreciate the work done, especially on last minute ads etc, and the insight on subtle yet helpful changes to use on the platform. Overall I learned a lot from this experience.

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dear whoever you are reading this ❤︎
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