Rebuilding My Life After Losing My Identity
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Hey humans,
This video is a long one I know, but I go through my thought process of how I’m aiming to get some clarity around my life after I lost my identity last year.

Of course I’m not looking for sympathy, that would be madness amongst all the chaos that happened last year, I am just sharing in on my own journey, and I have a feeling a lot of people also experienced a type of loss of identity last year.

Whether it was losing a job, plans falling through, re-assessing friendships and relationships and moving away from some of the people that didn’t align on your new life path…all of these can contribute to a feeling of being overwhelmed and lost.

I’m not claiming to be any expert about what I went through and I’m not giving any professional advise, I’m just one lost soul that is trying to make sense of it all.

So perhaps my sharing of this confusing path might provide you some insights for your own life…or maybe it’s just entertaining to watch another human stumble in this game of life đŸ™‚

Watch here for the previous video I made about the loss of identity I experienced:

(Didn’t realise this would turn into a series!).

Here are some timestamps to break up the video:
0:00 – Intro
0:55 – Sponsorship Message
1:58 – Start With A Clean Slate
2:47 – 7 Areas of Life
5:51 – Financial Assessment
6:59 – Physical Assessment
9:09 – Mental Assessment
9:50 – Career Assessment
10:51 – Masculine vs Feminine Energy
13:09 – Social Assessment
14:32 – Cutting Social Ties To Free Space
15:24 – Family Assessment
16:40 – Spiritual Assessment
19:27 – Integration
20:25 – Conscious Detachment From Areas of Life
21:22 – Double Checking Results
22:15 – Love Assessment
23:22 – Life Vision Assessment
23:55 – 3 Solutions to Any Problem
24:15 – Outro

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All my love,
Sorelle Amore