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0:35 Shirt (Claudio), Size 2 in Western Bohemia
– Similar Dress

1:07 Trousers (Baptisto), Size 4 in Western Bohemia

2:04 Jumpsuit (Manhattan), Size 2 in Denim Blue

3:23 Blouse (Kate), Size 2

4:30 Blouse (Antika), Size 2 in Red

5:33 Shirt (Paolina), Size 2

6:51 Blouse (Feliz), Size 2

8:11 Shirt (Pull Abigail), XS

9:14 Shirt (Maylan), Size 2

// What I’m Wearing //
Shirt, La Ligne XS
Necklace – Coin (mine is 18″)
– Snake, Mejuri
– Rose, Pamela Card
– Small Thin Ring, Vrai

// Socials //
My podcast “Only Looking Up”:

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