Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks has managed to keep her marriage pretty private, despite starring in a reality TV show about Charleston socialites. But there are some fun and juicy things to know about her relationship with her anesthesiologist husband, Jason Wimberly. Here’s the truth about their marriage.

Unlike most reality TV stars, Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks kept the cameras away from her special day. In 2014, she wed Jason Wimberly in a private outdoor ceremony following the Season 1 premiere of Southern Charm. According to Reality Tea, the venue was a historic plantation outside of Charleston.

It was quite the lavish affair, and one that surely would’ve made for great TV — from Eubanks’ simple yet regal wedding dress to the magical glass lights hanging from a giant tree down to the black-and-white checkered dance floor. But it doesn’t seem like Eubanks would have had it any other way. She took to Instagram on their fifth wedding anniversary with a photo of her smiling at the altar and holding hands with her groom. The caption read,

“Smartest decision I ever made was marrying this wonderful man.” Keep watching to learn What You Don’t Know About Cameran From Southern Charm’s Marriage!

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