The unstoppable Hetty Lange from CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles is the role for which Linda Hunt is best known. She’s been playing Hetty since 2009, and the character has become a big favorite among the show’s fans. The actress is also a sort of icon among the LGBTQ+ community, with her marriage to Karen Kline.

Of course, the role of Hetty Lange came deep into Hunt’s career. She’s been around for decades, with memorable roles in The Year of Living Dangerously, Silverado, Kindergarten Cop, and Dune. Before any of that, Hunt got her start in the New York theater scene. She worked her way from being a bullied child to an unforgettable actress.

Here is the stunning transformation of Linda Hunt.

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Difficult childhood | 0:00
Inspired by Peter Pan | 1:38
Early professional struggles | 2:29
Killing it on stage | 3:35
History-making Oscar | 4:46
Establishing authority | 5:38
Getting married | 6:38
Career-defining role | 7:32
Scaling back | 8:18
Phoning it in | 9:18

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