Bindi Irwin and her brother, Robert Irwin, are known for their work at the Australia Zoo, for their TV appearances, and, of course, for being the offspring of Steve Irwin. While they seem to be the ideal brother-sister duo, are Bindi and Robert Irwin truly as close as they seem on TV?

The Irwin siblings are close, and they’ll be the first to admit it! Both Bindi and Robert fill their Instagram feeds with photos of the two of them together. In one post from September 2019, Bindi shared a photo of her and Robert smiling with a caption that read,

“Thanks for being such a great brother and friend. You always remind me to look on the bright side of life.”

Similarly, in April 2020, Robert wrote on Instagram,

“Bindi, you are the most amazing sister and friend, always there for me through it all.”

So sweet! And this sibling affection isn’t anything new. They’ve bragged about their bond online for years. In one Instagram post from 2014, Bindi shared a photo of herself laughing with Robert, captioning it, in part,

“He’s one of my best friends and always manages to make me smile. He is more and more like Dad every day. I love him more than words and I’m so proud of the amazing human he is becoming.” Keep watching to learn The Truth About Bindi Irwin’s Relationship With Her Brother!

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