When it comes to casting, The Devil Wears Prada really delivers. This crowd-pleasing delight stars Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, and Meryl Streep, and it’s hard to top that. Stiil, there’s a lot of strange things that everyone ignores in this film. All these years later, we’re still waiting for answers. 

As Andy is about to be interviewed for the job of Miranda Priestly’s assistant, Emily tells her:

“A million girls would kill for this job!”

We hear this mantra several times throughout the film:

“I bet a million girls would kill for that job.”

“A million girls would kill for that job.”

That’s because Miranda is a living legend in the fashion industry. Wherever she goes, she’s respected and feared — and it’s all because of her keen eye and shrewd sense of style. Obviously, working for such a powerhouse could open a lot of doors, particularly if you wanted to make it in the fashion industry.

But at the beginning of the film, Andy doesn’t want to make it in the fashion industry — so it’s rather odd that Priestly hires her. The competition must have been fierce, and full of candidates with tons of experience and a real eye for fashion. Keep watching the video to see the things everyone ignores in The Devil Wears Prada.


Why was Andy hired? | 0:17
Instant fashionista | 1:27
Christian is a creep | 2:22
Nate is so self-centered | 3:22
Andy’s apartment is nuts | 4:18
You call those friends? | 4:55
The Harry Potter debacle | 5:41
What a waste | 6:49
Street safety | 7:43
$8 worth of Jarlsberg? | 8:13
What did she expect? | 8:59
Jokes about eating disorders | 9:46
Miranda who? | 10:29