Prince Harry has been in the public eye from the moment he was born. The world has watched as he grew up, joined the military, got married, had children, and left his family’s institution. He’s never been shy about his life — he and wife Meghan Markle have given a greater glimpse into the inner workings of the royal family than nearly any other member.

Even in spite of the younger royal’s openness about his family and his life, there are at least a few things he’s kept under wraps. From his hidden musical talent to whether or not he has a surname, here are the things you don’t know about Prince Harry.

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Meeting the Spice Girls | 0:00
Starting a charity | 1:10
Secret musician | 2:36
Secret social media | 3:30
Obsessed fans | 4:18
The South Pole | 5:04
Captain Wales | 6:01
Secret wedding | 6:47
Invictus Games | 7:48
No last name | 8:31
Rescue dog | 9:31
Diana’s engagement ring | 10:16

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