Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were ubiquitous child stars in the 1990’s, with a prominent role in Full House and dozens of starring movie roles to their names. In fact, the fraternal twins co-starred in 36 movies, most going to direct to video, all of them earning them incredible profits before they could even legally drive.

From there, the twins turned their interests toward fashion, particularly that of the mass market and fast fashion varieties. These and other business ventures largely took them away from our TV screens, leaving many fans to wonder what became of the Olsen Twins. From fabulous business successes to interesting romantic histories, we finally know what really happened to the Olsen Twins.

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The big break | 0:00
Creating an empire | 1:07
Family drama | 2:19
Their last movie together | 3:09
Amassing a fortune | 3:55
Disappearing for a while | 4:43
A new career | 5:49
Time for romance | 6:37
A rough divorce | 7:48
Remaining super close | 8:36

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