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What fills more of your time, crying or exercising? Consider this: Cosmopolitan conducted a poll in 2010 and found that 33 percent of the women polled said they cry at least once per week. Meanwhile, the CDC says 25 percent of American women don’t exercise at all, so if they fall into both camps, there are women out there who spend more of their lives crying than exercising. If only crying burned calories, right? Well, crying does have an effect on your body, and some of it can be positive. So, here’s what really happens when you start sobbing…

Starting up those tears | 0:33
A full-body “workout” | 1:21
All choked up | 2:01
Here come the waterworks | 2:47
Bye-bye stress hormones | 3:30
For better or worse | 4:23

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