TLC’s OutDaughtered has followed the lives of the Busby family since 2016, but that doesn’t mean the cameras show you everything that goes on with the now-famous reality TV family. From handling relentless parent-shaming, to their plans beyond the show, here’s what you haven’t seen on OutDaughtered.

With six kids, it’s a wonder how parents Adam and Danielle Busby ever find the time to squeeze in a date. But they do. In fact, date nights are very important for the busy parents, according to their visit with Us Weekly.

But the fact that the Busbys prioritize their marriage has caused quite a ruckus among fans. Danielle even wrote on the family blog, It’s a Buzz World:

“Adam and I get a lot of criticism for having ‘too many date nights.’ We whole-heartedly feel like by taking care of our marriage first, we are doing what is best for our kids.”

Watch the video for more about what the cameras on OutDaughtered don’t show you!

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Taking heat for their marriage | 0:19
Keeping the faith | 1:02
Crushing that downtime | 1:50
Production crew family | 2:42
Passing on comparisons | 3:21
Feeling the gratitude | 4:04
The downside | 4:42
Building the Busby empire | 5:24
“Pump, pump, feed” | 6:16
Quints on repeat | 7:12
Making reality-star friends | 8:02
Handling the parent-shaming | 8:46
Always cranking out the content | 9:30
The quints love watching themselves | 10:22

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