Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are a Hollywood institution. With their combined success, they’ve been able to build quite the empire for themselves and their kids. Keep watching to learn all about their insanely glamorous life.

Will and Jada first met in 1994 on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. At the time, she was auditioning for the part of his girlfriend, but she was passed over because she was too short, and Nia Long was cast instead. Apparently, that height issue was somehow enough for the casting directors to miss the insane chemistry between them. But sparks were destined to fly, and Will and Jada eventually got together not long after their first meeting. By 1997, they were married, sealing a romance that had been written in the stars and that was destined to birth new stars into existence.

Fast-forward many years later, and Will and Jada are living the high life, thanks in no small part to their high-profile and lucrative work. According to estimates from CelebrityNetWorth, the two of them are worth a whopping $400 million combined, 350 from Will and 50 from Jada. That means that not only are they rich for their own sake, they also have enough wealth to pass down to their kids and even their future grandkids. We’re not in West Philadelphia anymore! Keep watching to learn more about Will And Jada Pinkett Smith’s Insanely Lavish Life!

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$400 million net worth | 0:00
Jaw-dropping house | 1:11
Woodland Hills retreat | 2:12
Deluxe trailer | 3:04
Staying in Philly | 4:05
Hawaiian real estate | 4:57
Jada and her Rolls Royce | 5:44
Will in a Maybach | 6:38
Ballin’ in Philly | 7:29
Traversing the world | 8:38
Smith family vacations | 9:26

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